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Black Pearl Boutique Chicago is an online clothing store based out of Illinois. We bring sophisticated, edgy and unique pieces to the everyday woman! Here at Black Pearl Boutique, we feel that fashion is an extension of your personality. From the modest, even to the tad bit of the daring, we strive to remain classy and sophisticated while adding a hit of edge.

My goal is to help you pearl beauties achieve creativity and confidence with our BP pieces. Don’t let anyone or anything dim your light... Be Bold and Be Confident because YOU/WE are Black Pearls! 

Definition of a Black Pearl

Do you know how a pearl is formed? If not, please allow me to explain. A pearl is formed inside of a mollusk. Understand that pearls come to be who they are by outside irritants working its way inside of the mollusk. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk (oyster) secretes a fluid to coat the irritant (that thing that worked its way inside of the oyster). I know it may sound like a bit much but stay with me. In order for the proper development and formation to take place, there must be darkness. Like with many natural processes, the birth of a pearl takes time. Keep in mind that at the right appointed time, what the darkness of that shell birthed is a rare, stunning and priceless pearl! And no one pearl is alike and most have imperfections.

Just know that when dark times come in your life, and they will come. Be reminded my love that you are that rare, stunning and priceless pearl that was forming in your darkness(black). So, take strength in knowing that God is a healer and if he can do it for me, he can do it for you too!


Philippians 4-6:7

With Love,