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I AM BLACK PEARL and I am a survivor of sexual and domestic abuse. I've shared my story on social media and this section explains how you can share your story too. The I AM BLACK PEARL platform is here to help motivate and uplift other women in sharing their story. After going live on Instagram and Facebook, I received so many calls, inbox and text messages from women who've been silent and hurting for so long. I was quite surprised at how many had shared a similar or an exact experience. Nevertheless, many of them also shared that they now have the motivation and strength to allow God to heal their hearts and take the next step to forgiveness of the perpetrator and more importantly, forgiving themselves. For those reasons, I believe it is important that the circle continues to go round to keep motivating, releasing and uplifting others who may have those same encounters. You may be surprised who needs to hear and heal from your testimony!

Please be advised that by sending your story and or picture(s) to Black Pearl Boutique Chicago at, you give us authorization to use your story and picture(s) on our site, social media channels, blog and for promotional purposes, unless otherwise noted. *Please note: You can still share your story anonymously as well; you would just have to mention that at the time of submission. Black Pearl Boutique Chicago has partnered with a facility that supports and provides temporary housing to those who have been affected by sexual and domestic abuse. Monthly donations are provided to this facility on behalf of Black Pearl Boutique, LLC.

Thank you for sharing your breakthrough!

                                 I AM/WE ARE BLACK PEARL